September 20, 2021 9:48 am

Hong Kong Online Company Registration – Tips For Your Company Registration

Are you aware of the advantages of company formation in Hong Kong? Do you know why companies worldwide invest in setting up their own offices in the famous Chinese financial centre? If you are aware of these benefits of company registration in Hong Kong, then there is no reason why you should not invest in it as well. You will enjoy various benefits of establishing an online business in the city. Here are some of them:

Companies can register with the State Financial Supervision Agency (FSCO) of Hong Kong. The State Financial Supervision Agency administers and regulates all banking and non-banking businesses in the area through Hong Kong online company registration. If you want to open a company in Hong Kong, you need to comply with the rules and regulations of the agency. You can do so by opting for the services of the FSCO.

Companies can get their official seals and badges from the Hong Kong State Post. You can get a Hong Kong State Post official badge by logging on to the official website of the post. You can also buy wholesale TFT LCD from the outlet. These wholesale products are imported from different parts of the world and are sold at low prices.

Companies can purchase a Google-branded device at an affordable price from Google Accessories. The device is manufactured by Google and licensed to sell only through the internet. Apart from Google Accessories, the company can also order cheap playground equipment from Google itself. The wholesale items available through this scheme include affordable playground equipment such as swings, rope ladders, hanging toys, and slide sets.

If you are a company that wants to have its company name registered in Hong Kong, the best option for you is to use the online company registration. This option enables you to have all your official documents such as the business register and Memorandum and Articles of Association processed in a brief period. You must download the electronic form and upload it to a secure server. You will be required to pay a small fee for the service.

The main advantage of using the e-version of company name registration is that the process is completed within the confines of the computer, and the company can make modifications as and when necessary. The registration process can be done entirely online without any hassle. You can select the type of electronic registration from the list of options offered by the Hong Kong registration companies. You can also get a detailed account of the fees associated with the online company registration.

There are other essential things to be considered while you select the right company for you. You must see that whether the company you have chosen is registered under the Companies Registration Office or not. The latter is the body that regulates all the companies, and hence they are the most trustworthy authority in the business. Moreover, it is essential to see whether the company’s registration is done under the law of Hong Kong or not. It is a question of protecting the company’s intellectual property rights and the main reason people prefer to use the e-version of the company name registration.

Another thing that one must be careful about is the payment for the registration of the company. Some companies offer their services for free, but certain companies require you to make payment before the company allows you to open the company account. You can then receive the company’s registration number. Other companies will enable you to download the registration software for free but charge you for processing the details. The total payment you will be required to make for the company’s registration varies from one company to another. Thus, you should select the company that offers you the best deal not to face any problems later.

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