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Injured at work?

If you sustain a brand new harm and/or illness, or maybe an aggravation or acceleration of a pre-present damage or situation inside the direction of your employment, you are likely to be entitled to workers repayment.

All Victorian employees, who’re employed workcover claim on a full-time, component-time and casual foundation, are entitled to repayment below the WorkCover scheme.


WorkCover Entitlements
A place of work damage and/or illness can affect you bodily, emotionally and financially. It can regularly be a stressful experience, for your self and also your own family. Workers repayment is aimed to support injured workers and to help them in returning back to the body of workers.

It is imperative to lodge a Workers compensation declare in case you are injured at paintings, as you will be eligible to various benefits that consist of the following:

Medical and like treatment prices when it comes to your everyday work associated injury and/or condition
Weekly payments if you are unable to return to paintings or unable to work your pre-damage obligations
Lump sum compensation for a everlasting impairment
Home assist services
Travel costs to and from your treating physician’s appointment
Return to work services
Superannuation entitlements

Why Zaparas?
We’ve visible how worrying and life converting an injury may be, so we apprehend how crucial it is that you don’t need to fear about the financial facet of your claim. It’s why we’ve based totally our enterprise on the foundation of ‘No Win, No Charge’

At Zaparas Lawyers, we have over 40 years of experience in compensation law. Our WorkCover Lawyers are specialists in employees compensation claims. We’ll be able to maximise the blessings you obtain, giving you and your circle of relatives peace of thoughts. Contact us nowadays for a unfastened, no duty cellphone call.

Can I Claim WorkCover?
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I actually have a piece injury, what can you do to assist me? What can I count on?
What does WorkCover entitle me to?
What if my damage has took place over a duration or I actually have a habitual injury?
What if my damage took place over a period of time? What if my harm is old?
When can a contractor be taken into consideration as a worker under the WorkCover rules?
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Whilst receiving WorkCover advantages, can I declare any other insurance benefits?
I sustained an harm even as volunteering, am I entitled to WorkCover?

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