September 19, 2021 12:55 pm

The Clever Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport, Vehicle is Here

Well there is a new prototype car with three wheels, which is poised to take the European market by storm. And it is very clever indeed. In fact so is its name The CLEVER, which stands for; Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport. This vehicle is only 3 feet wide and it is a cross between a motorcycle and a car with two wheels in the back and one in the front.

The clever car can run and 60 mph and with its reduced width it is much easier to find parking spot say it’s designers. On the Clever Car website it shows that this car is a collaboration between many partners and those partners include: “the Technische Universitaet Berlin in Berlin, the Institut Francais Du Petrole in Vernaison near Lyon, and the Institut Fuer Verkehrswesen – Universitaet Fuer Bodenkultur, in Vienna.”

The vehicles body is made out of aluminum    Clever frame and plastic body and the rider’s carriage tilts when you turn a corner. The sensors in the car tell the vehicle how lifted tilts based on the speed and the sharpness of the turn. Everyone assured the score will be a hit in England and in all of Europe and it runs on compressed natural gas and puts out a third of the amount of pollution and the most efficient family type cars in Europe. And best of all it gets over 108 mpg. Hello you say? Yes and the big question is when can we get them here in the United States? Consider this in 2006


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