September 18, 2021 3:36 am

Top 5 Chauffeur Cars in the World

Chauffeur driven cars are the epitome of luxury automotive travel. Yes, owning a Lamborghini or Ferrari is special, but travelling in a chauffeur driven car is the pinnacle of wealth. Below are the top 5 chauffeur cars in the world. So if you are a chauffeur company who wants to know which car is the best for your fleet or you are an aspiring millionaire who just wants to make a mental note when you do have the money to splurge, the below list should help.

The most luxurious car in the world at the moment is the Maybach, it costs a staggering £260,000, which is more than most houses. It’s like a luxury cruise liner on wheels with a 5.5 litre, V12 engine and weighing in at almost 3 tonnes it can go from 0-60 in 5.5 seconds. Celebrities such as Simon Cowell and P Diddy both own a Maybach. As standard they come with massaging chairs, rear view camera, cooled cup holders and a full entertainment system. So if you run a Californian or London chauffeur service buying a Maybach for your fleet is the best you can get.
Next is the Rolls Royce Phantom it’s a British institution which used to scream aristocracy now everyone from footballers to Russian Oligarchs owns one. As a chauffeur car they are ideal for every occasion and are very popular as wedding cars in London. They cost around £250,000 with a 453 BH (break horsepower) V12 engine, which goes from 0-60 in just 5.7 seconds. Interesting luxury items include a 26 speaker sound system with full entertainment system, refrigerator and rear seat tables.
The Bentley Continental Flying Spur has always Luxury Airport Transfers London   seemed to come in second fiddle to the Rolls Royce, but the Flying Spur is a very special car in its own right. They cost over £120,000 and come with lavish wood interior finish, air conditioning and a very comfortable ride. The engine is an earth shaking 6 litre V12 with a top speed of 200mph. This again is a very popular wedding and chauffeur car for CEOs who want their luxury cars to have a bit more power and acceleration.
The Mercedes S 600 is one of the most popular luxury chauffeur driven hire cars around today, they are the upper echelon of executive travel. At only £87,000 it might seem like toy car compared to the Maybach and Rolls Royce, but the S 600 is indeed a very nice sedan. It delivers a blistering 500 BH with 12 cylinders and a 0-60 time of a not to be sniffed at 6.8 seconds. They are a common feature of most London chauffeur service companies and sit in the garage of many high powered executives.
The fifth choice is a difficult one. You could go for a BMX 7 series or Lexus 430. However, in this case the Audi A8 has to take it. It has recently won The Chauffeur Car of Year award. Audi has really improved its game over the last 12 years and successfully penetrated the luxury saloon market. The Audi A8 is an ideal chauffeur car for formal occasions and business meetings. It’s not as flash as the other cars but is certainly an elegant and well presented car. They cost around £60,000 and deliver an impressive

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